What is your delivery area?
We are located in Bradenton, FL and service all of Manatee County and northern Sarasota. We do not service the Venice or North Port area.   * If the delivery address is located in Sarasota please contact us to verify that we service that area and get an exact price quote.

Do I need to make a reservation?
To ensure the yard display of your choice we ask for notice a week in advance. However, we can provide next day service depending on availability. Please call to inquire.

Does someone have to be home during delivery or pick up?
No one has to be home during delivery or pick up of our display. That’s the beauty of our business…we work our magic and the honoree gets to enjoy their special day!

When do you deliver/pick up?
We deliver 7 days a week and you can call any day during the hours of 9am to 9pm. If we are working on a delivery, you may get our voice mail. Please leave a message about your celebration needs and we will return your call as soon as possible.

YARD DISPLAY RENTALS: We deliver the flock the night before and pick up the following evening around sunset, or the next day, depending on the installer’s schedule.

STORK  RENTALS: We can deliver the rental before mother and baby arrive from the hospital for a surprise and pick up on the 5th day near sunset, or the next afternoon, depending on the installer’s schedule.

NOTE: Please call to make arrangements if you need a day time delivery. We will do our best to accommodate your  special request of delivery time.

What if I want to move the critters?
Please do not attempt to move the sign or “critters.” If you would like them moved to a different location in your yard, please call and we will be happy to assist you. A delivery fee may apply for each time that we have to come out and move the sign or “critters.”  If you have special instructions on where to place the display, please notify us when you are making the reservation.

Can I mow and water my lawn?

YARD DISPLAY RENTALS: Watering is fine, please do not try to mow around the display, or take it down for mowing. If you wish to have the display removed before the rental time is up, please call and we will be happy to come and remove it for you.

STORK RENTALS: If you must trim your yard during your rental period, please be careful around the display. If at all possible, please let the trimming around the display go until it has been removed. We do understand that this is not always feasible but we do sincerely appreciate you taking precautions to protect our signs and “critters.” Watering is fine, our “critters” and signs are sealed to protect them from water damage.

What if the critters become damaged?
Our “critters” and signs have been successfully tested in wind and rain and have proven very durable. If however, you notice any damage as a result of severe weather, please notify us immediately.
Our signs are not designed to withstand climbing by children. Please, for your child(ren)’s safety, do not allow them to play on or near the sign or “critters.”
If any vandalism or theft occurs, please contact us immediately.

How long are the sign rentals for?
 are available for one day with setup done before 6:00 am and will be removed from the yard at or near sunset the same evening. Additional days are available for an additional fee.

STORK DISPLAYS may be rented for 6 hours for a baby shower or for 5 days as a yard display.

How much do stork or birthday yard signs cost?

$95 for setup at night (before 6am) and take-down at or near sunset the day of the special occasion.

STORK RENTALS – Manatee County
$45 for 6 hours (baby shower)
$95 for five days

Delivery fee may apply outside of Manatee County, please call for an exact quote.

What happens if the sign is not picked up after my last day of the rental period?
We ask that you do not remove our signs or critters. If we give you an extra day rental then that is complimentary. However, we do ask that the signs are available at all times on the lawn as we placed them originally for convenient pick-up times for our company.

May we keep one of the smaller signs as a souvenir?
No, all signs are rented for a specific period of time and are the sole property of Flamingos at Large. Please do not attempt to remove any of the signs. Missing or damaged display items will be charged to the credit card on file for replacement cost.

What methods of payments do you accept?
We accept all credit cards, cash, personal and business checks, but with all orders, payment is required in advance.

What is your refund policy?
As with any rental service, there is some information that you will need to know before you rent a Flamingos at Large yard display or stork.

  • This is a rental only. No part of the display is to be kept.
  • Missing or damaged display items will be charged to the credit card on file for replacement cost.
  • We respectfully reserve the right to decline a delivery to any area that we feel is unsafe for our signs or delivery personnel.
  • We ask for those surprise displays, please let someone in the household know that we will be on the property at that time if at all possible.

You WILL receive a full refund if the following applies:

  • You cancel your order at least 24 hours in advance.
  • In the event of severe weather (e.g. high winds) and other hazardous conditions and we are not able to deliver your yard display or stork, we will gladly either reschedule the delivery or refund the full rental price.

You will NOT receive a refund if the following applies:

  • The homeowner stops us from setting up the display.
  • The homeowner calls us and asks us to remove the display.
  • You have given us the wrong address or date.
  •  You give us less than 24 hour notice to cancel your order.
  •  We cannot set up the display because of a gated community/security guard that will not allow us access.
  • A dog or other animal is loose that poses a threat.
  • Or any other reason we cannot set up the display that is beyond our control.